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Sustainable Scratchers

Kitty Kornhole Sustainable and Interactive Scratching Pad by Eco Cat Co. - Top View

Kitty Kebab: Sustainable Scratching Post

The Kitty Kebab is not only the most eco-friendly scratching post on the planet, but it's also the last one you'll ever have to buy!


Cats can only reach a fraction of the scratchable surface on traditional posts and, before you know it, they are shredded beyond use; however, with the Kitty Kebab, you can easily replace the worn sections as needed!


The Kitty Kebab is constructed with a mix of green materials, such as 92% recycled, FSC® certified fiberboard and recycled cardboard.


The Kitty Kebab has been featured in Modern Cat Magazine and favorably reviewed by

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Kitty Kornhole:
Sustainable and Interactive Scratcher

Kitty Kornhole provides the unique opportunity for cat owners to play one of the most popular lawn games indoors with their kitty.


Cats only claw a fraction of the surface on scratching pads and, before you know it, they have lost interest and it's time to purchase an entirely new scratcher; however, with Kitty Kornhole, you can easily replace the worn sections as needed!


Kitty Kornhole is constructed with a mix of green materials, such as 92% recycled, FSC® certified fiberboard and recycled cardboard.

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Our cats and the planet need a brand with only their best interests in mind.

If you’re an eco-friendly cat person (or just want the best for your kitty) you’ve come to the right place! The Eco Cat Co. online cat store has the sustainable cat products your little furball dreams about. Here you’ll find pet cat supplies like the best cat scratching post, interactive cardboard scratching pads, and organic catnip toys.


Not only is our goal to create environmentally friendly products for cats and kittens, but we also insist our cardboard cat scratchers and natural cat toys are the highest quality possible. In order to do so, everything is made in the USA by hand and we make every effort to obtain locally sourced materials.


Your feline friend enjoys cat scratchers for many reasons unrelated to destroying your home – scratching is a normal and essential part of feline life! Cats use scratching to condition their claws and it's an effective way for cats to stretch their muscles. Kitties also use cat scratchers to relieve anxiety – cat scratching posts are one of the best ways your cat or kitten has to relieve stress and feel their best. Since scratching is a vital part of kitty life, you'll need to redirect your cat from scratching your furniture to a cat scratching post or scratching pad. Our sustainable scratchers have an appealing texture, are plenty tall, and very stable. Oh, did we mention they are better for the environment than all other options? Shop our ecological cat scratchers now on Eco Cat Co.’s online cat shop.

Eco Cat Co. creates these environmentally friendly cat products and more sustainable cat supplies. So have a look around, and find the most eco-friendly cat products on the planet here on our online pet store.


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