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Dr. Elsey's is a leading manufacturer of cat litter and nutrition products. The company always puts pets first and strives to provide solutions that are safe and environmentally friendly. They are on a mission to provide recyclable packaging materials and opportunities for their customers to minimize their waste footprint.

Dr. Elsey's supplies us with the majority of the cardboard we use for our scratching posts. Every once in awhile, one of their shipping boxes gets misprinted; however, instead of recycling them outright, Dr. Elsey's adds one more step in their journey through the closed loop by providing us with their corrugated cardboard.

You can visit their website by clicking here or check out their social media accounts via the icons below:

  • Dr. Elsey's Facebook
  • Dr. Elsey's Twitter
  • Dr. Elsey's YouTube
  • Dr. Elsey's Instagram
Dr. Elsey's
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