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A few years ago, my cat, Krang, needed a new scratching post. Every time this happens, I drag my feet, because disposing of them seems like such a waste; cats only shred a small section of their scratchers, leaving the rest untouched. Also, getting rid of them is a huge pain: cat scratchers don't fit in the garbage, rarely sell on Craigslist, and usually aren't a welcome donation.

I searched for a more sustainable option and found nothing commercially available. There were a few DIY projects online, but they still weren't entirely green. Considering I am who I am (no need to get into that now!), I set out to develop my own eco-friendly scratching post with the intent of taking it to market.

The "Kitty Kebab" gained some traction on Etsy, but it wasn't as environmentally friendly as I wanted and it also wasn't very attractive. Additionally, from tinkering in the cat product industry, I found there weren't a lot of sustainable products for kitties, in general.


After much research, prototyping, and all that fun stuff, I decided to launch Eco Cat Co. in October 2021, because:


... both our cats and the planet need a brand with only their best interests in mind.


- Erich, Eco Cat Co. Owner & Founder

Watercolor illustration of Eco Cat Co. owner and founder, Erich, and his cat, Krang


Sorry, Shakespeare, but in our case it isn't arbitrary! We realize "Eco Cat Co." isn't the most unique name, but when we went about branding the company, we wanted a moniker which almost acted as a slogan in itself. We wanted a name that was a transparent promise to our customers (and ourselves) that our products, packaging, operations, etc. will only be as eco-friendly as possible.


It's not easy being green! Sometimes, the low-hanging fruit of the endless amounts of standard, environmentally-detrimental materials can be tempting (they are less expensive, more readily available, have cute prints with cats all over them, etc.), but when our name has "eco" in it, we have no choice but to stick to our mission and dismiss the non-organic cotton textiles soaked in heavy-metal laden dyes that most cat toys are made out of. 

Brown Cat Playing with Fudgesicle Organic Catnip Toy

From materials to manufacturing, we put copious amounts of effort into determining the most eco-friendly options for all of our business operations.


Not only do we source the most durable materials possible, but we take quality control very seriously and manufacture everything in-house at our home base in Seattle, WA, USA.


If you've seen it before, then you probably won't find it here. We strive to produce only unique and innovative products for your kitty.


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