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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the most trusted source for eco-friendly cat products — by maintaining only environmentally conscious and sustainable business practices — to improve the quality of life of our feline friends and minimize our impact on the planet.

Our Story

A few years ago, my cat, Krang, needed a new scratching post. Every time this happens, I drag my feet, because disposing of them seems like such a waste; cats only shred a small section of their scratchers, leaving the rest untouched. Also, getting rid of them is a huge pain: cat scratchers don't fit in the garbage, rarely sell on Craigslist (for good reason), and usually aren't a welcome donation (again, for good reason).

I searched for a more sustainable option and found nothing commercially available. There were a few DIY projects online, but they still weren't entirely green. Considering I am who I am (no need to get into that now!), I set out to develop my own eco-friendly scratching post with the intent of taking it to market.

The "Kitty Kebab" gained some traction on Etsy, but it wasn't as environmentally friendly as I wanted and it also wasn't very attractive. Additionally, from tinkering in the cat product industry, I found there weren't a lot of sustainable products for kitties, in general (just a lot of greenwashing!).


After much research, prototyping, and all that fun stuff, I decided to launch Eco Cat Co. in October 2021, because:


... both our cats and the planet need a brand with only their best interests in mind.


- Erich, Eco Cat Co. Owner & Founder

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